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MCPS and related docs

Montgomery County Public Schools
Annual Report on Our Call to Action 2013
Comprehensive Master Plan, October 8, 2013
Schools at a Glance 2013-2014
Building Our Future Together
Transition Team Report. September, 2011
Operating Budget FY 2015, as adopted by the Board
Operating Budget FY 2015, Superintendent's Recommended
Application for the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
Larson, J.C. and R.J. Kirshstein. 1986. A Microscope on Magnet Schools, 1983 to 1985: Implementation and Racial Balance (July). 
Larson, J.C. and others. 1981. Takoma Park Magnet School Evaluation: Part II Final Report (February).

Office of Legislative Oversight
Performance of Montgomery County Public Schools' High Schools--A FY 2014 Update (2014)
Youth and Work in Montgomery County (2013).
The Achievement Gap in Montgomery County--A FY 2013 Update
Fiscal Planning and the New Maintenance of Effort Law (2012).
Cost and Performance of Montgomery County Public Schools' High School Consortia (2008).
Defining and Describing Montgomery County Public Schools' Progress in Closing the Achievement Gap      (2008).
Key Fiscal Indicators for Montgomery County Public Schools (2007).

Public Education Leadership Project at Harvard University
The Turn-Around at Highland Elementary School (September 2009).
Race, Accountability, and the Achievement Gap (B) (August 2006).
Race, Accountability, and the Achievement Gap (A) (August 2006). 
Differentiated Treatment in Montgomery County Public Schools (February 2006).

Miscellaneous sources
Childress, S. 2010. Investing in Improvement: Strategy and Resource Allocation in Public School Districts. Working Paper 10-057.
Commission on Education Finance, Equity, andExcellence. 2002. Final Report. (January). 
Eaton, S.E. 1994. Slipping towards Segregation: Local Control and Eroding Desegregation in Montgomery County, Maryland (August). 
National Public Radio. 2010. Tell Me More. How important is economic diversity in
schools? (October 18).
Panasonic Foundation. 2007. Breaking the Links between Race, Poverty, & Achievement. Strategies (December).

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