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2016. MCPS Disconnect: County Economic and Workforce Development, and Fair Housing 2014. Justifying My Suspect Past (March 10).
2014. Pat O'Neill's civility theme (February 20).
2014. Where does Springbrook fit in? (February 14)
2014. "AP Success:" You Joshing me? (February 12)
2013. Math 4/5 Enrollment Data, 2013-14 (December 23)
2013. Strategies: Starr and Weast (April 4)
2013. Complement to the OLO Achievement Gap Update (March 14)
2013. Summary of Starr Northwood Town Hall 1.3.13
2012. Chapters in NEC Choice (December 6, 2011 - October 8, 2012)
2012. Variability: Normalizing Inequity (January 6)
2011. Uncontrolled choice, concentrated poverty, underperformance: Springbrook High School, Northeast Consortium, Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland) (June 9)
2011. Budgeting for Equity: Reviving Dr. Weast's Red Zone Differentiation Strategy in Montgomery County Public Schools (January 19).
2010. A Metric for Real Equity--All Outcomes, All Students--in Montgomery County Public Schools (April 19).
2010. Equity Applied, Excellence Traded Off: An Analysis of the Montgomery County Public Schools 2010 K-12 Mathematics Work Group Report (December 13)
2009. Critical Race Theory in Montgomery County Public Schools: "Putting Race on the Table" (November 9)
2009. "Defining Differentiation Down" in Montgomery County Public Schools: Reflections on Leading for Equity (August 31)
2007. Critique of the DSAC GT Report--A Local School GT Perspective (November 6)