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Friday, September 9, 2016

Connecticut court decision on school equity

You may have seen or heard the widely-reported news of a Connecticut court decision about Connecticut school funding.Here’s a chunk of that news:
You probably don’t need to go to law school to know that court decisions make (ok conservatives--interpret) law and that this Connecticut decision makes/interprets law only for Connecticut. Yeah but the decision takes a pretty close look at a state system, so maybe what was seen can help clarify our Maryland/Montgomery County Public Schools situation.
I’ve read just a bit of the decision; it seems worth our read:

Thursday, September 1, 2016

                MCPS Disconnect:
County Economic and Workforce Development, and Fair Housing
New Strategies,​ ​Ready​ ​for​ ​Tomorrow,New​ ​HUD​ ​Affirmatively Furthering​ ​Fair​ ​Housing​ ​Reg  
​ ​Frederick Stichnoth

    September 1, 2016

What’s the point(s)?

1. To show that the achievement gap messes up Montgomery County economic and workforce development and fair housing;

2.  To show that Montgomery County Public Schools has neither yet joined up nor even been recruited for (!!) the County teams of champions  working real-real hard on economic and workforce development strategy;

3. To suggest that the education achievement and related fair housing gaps are about to become real, real embarrassing for the County--especially for County economic development (real);

4. To call on senior public officials and highly influential people (HIP) (and even right-minded, albeit segregated, regular old folk, who can both-Whoa!-think and hit the send button to prod an SPO or HIPster) to get off your fa_...vorite anteroom couch and do your political leadership job: deliver the message to the Superintendent, the Board of Ed and all Moco segregated citizens that the achievement gap is, at long last (because it’s 2016 for gosh sake!) like totally unacceptable--so just ain’t gonna be tolerated no more (and hey--this time we really mean it, for a change; so fasten your seatbelt: no more tax-extracted wads of benjamins in your leaky bucket, no more happy hype for failure, no more election endorsements of lightweight,do-nothing, gap gabbers.